Establishment of Civil Society Organizations’ Desk

On June 2, 2020, through Resolution No. 2020-182 authored by the Hon. Mila Arroyo, the People Empowerment Committee, chaired by this representation, was tasked to spearhead the review of the partnership between the NCPC and the City Government of Naga

What now is the status of the NCPC and our partnership with it?

It is noteworthy saying that at the beginning of the year, both the Executive Director and the Chairperson of the Board tendered their resignations. In a letter dated January 18 submitted to the SP, we were informed that Mr. David Abogado and Mr. Christopher Balane are now the appointed Chairman and Head of Secretariat, respectively.

In the latest official list of members of the NCPC which I have requested from the secretariat, they have here 49 member organizations, 14 of which are indicated as inactive or dissolved. Far from what I have read in many articles saying a membership of over a 100 organizations.

Given the facts raised, this representation is proposing two measures as initial steps to help revitalize the People’s Council:

First, any organization, to remain active and vibrant, needs new members. We need to call upon all Civil Society Organizations, accredited or not, operating in the City of Naga for a conference to discuss the relevance of participatory governance and the guidelines on LGU accreditation, as provided City Ordinance 95-092. The way to do that is to have an inventory of all organizations, in accordance with DILG MC 2019-72.

With this, I am filing a resolution requesting all civil society organizations in the City of Naga to coordinate with the JMRCGG in the inventory and preparation of a City-wide CSO Directory. In the proposed resolution, the CEPPIO shall be directed to exert maximum effort to publicize this call. City Ordinance 2015-055, which institutionalized the JMRCGG, provides the periodic review of good governance practices and formulation of measures on how to improve on them, as one of the functions of the said office, which includes the continuity and improvement of the People Empowerment Ordinance.

Second, I am also filing a proposed ordinance establishing the Civil Society Organization Desk within the JMRCGG, as mandated under DILG MC 2021-012, recently issued yesterday. The said CSO Desk shall, among its functions provided in the MC:

  1. Monitor and ensure participation of accredited and recognized CSOs in the various processes and activities of the local government, particularly in planning, budgeting, monitoring and other service delivery areas;
  2. Coordinate with the People’s Council, the holding of regular meetings, and other relevant activities of the CSOs; and
  3. Maintain and update the local CSO database;

Ladies and Gentlemen, last January 18, 2021, the House of Representatives approved on third reading, HB 7950, or the People Empowerment Bill, authored by  which 3rd district representative Gabby Bordado, which seeks to institutionalize on a National scale what we have been doing here in the City of Naga for the past 25 years. Yes – last December 2020 marked the 25th year of the City Government’s partnership with the Naga City People’s Council. I wouldn’t be surprised that more LGUs would be looking to visit us to learn about Naga and our Good Governance initiatives. Let us prepare for it and show the nation why we are the Center of Good Governance.

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