Institutionalization of Community-based Trainings for Enterprise Development in the City of Naga

Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen!

              I have submitted for its first reading today a proposed ordinance to institutionalize community-based training for enterprise development in the City of Naga and creating the position of Supervising Manpower Development Officer.

              Dear colleagues, this initiative would help augment our existing efforts to provide more economic opportunities for the poor and marginalized by focusing on capacity-building and increase of their basic knowledge and skills to improve their technologies or engage in entrepreneurial activities that would help transcend their economic status especially in this time of the pandemic.

              According to the Philippine Statistic Authority, the pandemic has caused unemployment rates to rise to 17.6% from 5% and it is a figure that could rise as lockdown measures continue. My theory is that the City Government will not be able to sustain the economic needs, especially of those in the peripheries, by depending on dole outs and liberal credit alone, we must be more proactive in developing self-reliant communities by capacitating the less fortunate to engage into productive undertakings which would help themselves and their communities.

              This proposed ordinance seeks to operationalize the mandate under City Ordinance 1998-071, which institutionalized the Metro Peso, to promote manpower upgrading under the technical supervision of TESDA.

              Over the years or at least since I came to the City Council, the City Government had only provided for school-based TESDA programs such as Automotive Servicing and Slaughtering Operations, failing to take advantage of the availability of community-based training programs, which is a separate training modality under the TESDA, and despite the mandate under Republic Act 7796 which provides for the devolution of community-based technical education and skills development opportunities to Local Government Units.

              At present, the Metro PESO does not even have any officer or anyone assigned to spearhead the Manpower Skills Training Center that would undertake one of the four major activities of the said Department.

              Hence, I am proposing for the urgent consideration and passage of this ordinance for us to timely respond to the need to provide for mechanisms that would strengthen the mandates of the said Department for manpower upgrading.  

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