Improved IT Systems towards Good Governance

Privilege Speech of the Hon. Ghiel G. Rosales (Regular Session held January 5, 2021)

Why do we need an updated, functional and reliable website and not just a Facebook page? Our website should be the backbone of our online presence and social media should only be there to support our website and not take its place. We want people to access our Facebook Page and then click over to our website where they can browse through our services and learn more about why our City is so amazing.

A functional and updated website gives the City Government more credibility than a social media page that is why I suggest we should invest more in it.

In 2001, Naga City launched the I-Governance Program as one of the measures to promote people participation in governance particularly through information technology. In 2002, the Sangguniang Panlungsod enacted the “I-Governance Ordinance of Naga City” to institutionalize the said program with the Naga City Website and the Naga City Citizen’s Charter as its main components.

Based on an article which I have read, the I-gov has resulted to Naga being chosen by the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry as the “Most Business-Friendly City” in the Philippines in 2002. In the same year, the City was selected by the DILG as the regional model for its Anti-Red Tape Campaign; and I’m sure that there were other awards because of the initiative.

The I-governance Ordinance, under Section 6 thereof, declares that the City Government commits to update the City’s website to ensure the relevance of the information contained therein. However, despite the City’s Annual Appropriations for the implementation of the I-governance Program which is under the Office of the City Administrator, I have good reason to argue that the Naga City Website badly needs an update, if not an upgrade, for the following observations:

  1. The latest AIP posted in our website is the 2015 AIP;
  2. The search button is not working or functional to make site navigation easier for clients;
  3. The latest Annual Procurement Plan posted is that of 2013;
  4. Research on resolutions and ordinances is very difficult to do;
  5. News and programs are no longer updated;
  6. And many more..

How can we proudly say that we are “The Center of Good Governance” when we know that if someone goes to our website to look for an ordinance or research on budget matters, they would find an outdated and dysfunctional one? For us to continue to claim our place in transparency and accountability, I say its about time we should do something about this.

Madam Chair, members of the City Council, I stand in privilege to propose two measures:

First, the inclusion in our next oversight meeting of the implementation of City Ordinance 2002-063 or the I-governance Ordinance; and

Second, to direct the Naga City IT Advisory Board as created under City Ordinance 2020-050 to immediately convene and finalize the preparation of the Information Systems Strategic Plan, as mandated, and for approval by the Sangguniang Panlungsod of Naga.

Dear colleauges, for good governance to continue to thrive in Naga City we must invest in and strengthen our IT systems.   

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