Directive to the CSO Desk Officer to lead the inventory and compliance with DILG M.C. No. 2022-083

Privilege Speech of the Hon. Ghiel G. Rosales during the 2nd Regular Session of the 14th Sangguniang Panlungsod

Madam Presiding Officer, Vice Mayor Nene De Asis, Fellow City Councilors, guests, friends, good morning!

Last June 15, 2022, the DILG issued Memorandum Circular No. 2022-083 to provide guidelines on the accreditation of Civil Society Organizations and the selection of representatives to the Local Special Bodies. We had the matter referred to the SP Committee on People Empowerment for consideration and for it to recommend such appropriate actions.

Dear colleagues, the said memorandum circular issued last month is already very instructive as to the conduct of the inventory of Civil Society Organizations in the City of Naga and the important role of the CSO Desk Officer in the over-all accreditation process and, in general, the promotion of active participation of the private sector in local governance.

Through Executive Order 2021-003, the City Government had already established the CSO Desk Office and its Officer to execute the mandates under the said Memorandum Circular and spearhead the handling of all CSO-related concerns of the City Government, including the implementation of the relevant provisions of the People Empowerment Ordinance.

With this at hand, Madam Chair, and on the basis of DILG MC 2022-083, I am proposing two measures this morning:

First, the passage of a resolution directing the CSO Desk Officer to conduct an inventory of CSOs in the City of Naga for the update of the CSO Directory and further directing the CSO Desk Office to be at the forefront of the City’s compliance with the guidelines provided under the said DILG Memorandum Circular as to the accreditation of Civil Society Organizations;

Second, the refiling of my proposed ordinance on the establishment of a CSO Desk at the Jesse M. Robredo Center for Good Governance, defining its purpose and functions, mandating the designation of the CSO Desk Officer, and providing funds thereof.

In closing, I express and extend my full support to the 14th Sanggunian’s Chairman of the People Empowerment Committee, Hon. Gayle Abonal-Gomez. We had short meeting yesterday, where I had an opportunity to brief the good councilor on the status of Civil Society Organizations with the NCPC and the City’s efforts to continuously encourage them to take part in local governance. I know that under her leadership in the committee, the City of Naga will continue to be the trailblazer on people participation and good governance.

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