Commemorating the 50th Year of the Colgante Bridge Tragedy

Privilege Speech during the 10th Regular Session of the 14th Sangguniang Panlungsod held September 13, 2022.

Our Presiding Officer, Colleagues, Ladies and Gentlemen.. Good morning!

This coming Friday, September 16, marks the 50th year of the Colgante Bridge Tragedy, a disastrous event which led to the death of some 140 pilgrims and devotees during the Peñafrancia Fluvial Procession in 1972. 

With this, dear colleagues, I am proposing for the rededication of a historical marker at the site of the Colgante Bridge and assigning the Arts, Culture and Tourism Office as the lead office for the City Government of Naga to realize this initiative.    

Though it is rarely mentioned in conversations nowadays and the tragedy happened 30 years before I was born, I believe it is imperative for this generation to look back at this historic event in our City, no matter how unpleasant, if only to learn from the lessons, such as the City Government’s responsibility in providing for safe and responsive public works and facilities, and give respect to the memory of those who have perished.

A Historical Marker will not only spark our community’s interest in our local history but, more so, further reflect the importance the City Government of Naga places on its heritage and its commitment that Nagueños shall never again suffer from defective conditions of our public works.          

For this purpose, a resolution is being proposed by this representation, to emphasize the City Government of Naga’s duty to commemorate important events in our past, both tragedy and triumph, for it is only in doing so can we truly appreciate, celebrate, and continue our spirited pursuit for improvement.        

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