Energy Efficiency and Conservation in Naga City

Privilege Speech delivered during the 18th Regular Session of the 14th Sangguniang Panlungsod of Naga

            Our Acting Presiding Officer, Hon. Jessie Albeus, dear colleagues in the Sanggunian, friends and those watching online, good morning!       

              It may not be apparent but there is a direct connection between using energy and the environment. The increase in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is a key driver in climate change; and one of the largest contributing factors worldwide is the production and consumption of energy. When one becomes mindful and consumes less energy, the practice cuts down the toxic fumes or emissions released by power plants. Likewise, the habit helps preserve the earth’s identity by conserving natural resources and protecting ecosystems from destruction. Put simply, taking steps to reduce one’s energy intake contributes to a healthier and sustainable world.

            As aptly put by the Secretary of the Climate Change Commission (CCC), “energy efficiency is the easiest and often cheapest way to reduce the need for expansion of coal power generation. And with the country’s energy demand projected to increase by 80% from 2017 to 2040, improving energy efficiency in the building sector would be our best course to reduce emmissions.

          The glaring impact of high prices of imported fuels to local markets and the direct effect of climate change induced disasters and calamities has put local governments units at a crucial role of helping secure sufficiency and stability of energy supply in the country by the promotion of the efficient and judicious utilization of energy, including renewable energy technologies, thereby protecting the environment within their territorial jurisdictions.

          Appropriate interventions in the City Government’s consumption of energy could not materialize if there is no internal governance in energy usage in its offices and facilities.  Thus, with the framework established under Republic Act No. 11285 or “An Act Institutionalizing Energy Efficiency and Conservation, Enhancing the Efficient Use of Energy, and Granting Incentives to Energy Efficiency and Conservation Projects” in 2018 and in furtherance of the implementation of the aforesaid law and its mandated responsibilities upon the City Government of Naga, I have submitted for first reading this morning a proposed ordinance establishing mechanisms to promote energy efficiency and conservation in the City of Naga.

          Through this proposed policy and its proposed investments, the City Government will send a clear message that it wants to lead by example, through fiscal and managerial responsibility, where both the City leadership and personnel are fully committed in supporting energy efficiency and conservation programs, minimizing environmental impacts through the use of renewable energy, and, as said earlier, do its part to contribute to a healthier and sustainable world.

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